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Dear visitor,

Thanks for dropping by and having a few minutes to become acquainted. Gladly I release a small part of myself.

As teenager I received my first camera from my dear parents. Initially it was mostly making nice shots using the automatic position of my camera. Only later on I got the taste of photography when I started experimenting with the ‘manual mode’. The urge to the artistic and perfectionism in my photos was born and I carry it still within me. Courses in photography and digital image processing, together with the reaction of people on my work, gave me the courage and support to extend my passion to a real secondary occupation.

Luckely also my husband, with whom I’ve been living together for several years, is bitten by the photo virus. I am very grateful to him I can fully experience my passion as being a photographer, he understands the hours and days I spend behind my camera and computer. I search for perfection and handle the highest level in realisation and post production.


As working full time and being a mom, I have my hands full with 3 boys. A house full of testosterone and energy, but also love and happiness. Luckely they love it being in front of my camera for working out together new techniques and ideas.

And yes, it isn’t illogical as being a photographer, also in my private life I take a lot of photos for which there is a good reason.

You experience a lot of beautiful moments but rather fast they fade away in time. Our memory doesn't allow to remember the small details. Edges, colours and emotions fade away. That's the reason I am very happy to have the possibility to cooperate to have beautiful memories. Moments being registered. Places, colours, feelings, looks, beauty, emotions and details will get a place in the future.

By my own experience I know

A wedding day flies by before the happy couple is aware of it,

pregnancy last only 9 months before the beautiful belly disappears again,

The first weeks after birth a baby changes daily,

Kids grow and change all the time,

The family photos are often forgotten,

Do not forget to make memories lasting forever and let me help you with it !

I am already looking forward to it !


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